Here at ALT TRADING SYSTEMS we only choose the highest quality affiliate/referring partners... Why? Because QUALITY DOES MATTER. This is how ATS can ensure that our Affiliates/Referring Partners are Top Producers and Earners. We are committed to helping you make BIG $$$ money through our affiliate programs.


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We hand select all of our ATS Affiliate Partners. We have strict rules and guidelines to becoming one of our partners. But don't let that discourage you from going through our affiliate signup process below.

ATS Affiliate Commission Payouts

As an ATS Partner we have a lucrative payout structure that pays you $100.00 Per Sale. Not only that, for our Top Producing Partners you have the ability to actually earn a recurring payout for all of your referrals once you reach a certain threshold!!! You read that right, we will pay you for the life of your referrals as long as they are a paying member of ATS.

If you think you're already at this level, contact us today to find out if you qualify as an ATS Power Partner earning $10,000.00+ Per Month Recurring!!!





    This payout is based on our ATS Monthly Membership and 1st initial member signup which includes the first month member access and the ATS Crypto Starter Pack.



    Affiliate Commission

    $100.00 Per Sale

Contact Our Affiliate Manager

Please contact our Affiliate Manager if you have any questions about our programs or are in need of support. We typically respond within 48 hours During the Week or within 72 Hours if it is a weekend. It is best to fill out the Affiliate Partner Application prior to contacting our Affiliate Manager.

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+1 818.805.7150

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Below You will find six (6) of our most important rules that you must abide by as an ATS Affiliate Partner. We don't just consider you as an Affiliate, but as a Partner. We want you to succeed with our program. Your success is our success. However, we have important rules that you absolutely must follow or you will be immediately removed and blacklisted from our program as well as forfeit any pending commissions. As you can tell we take what we do extremely seriously here at ATS.

1. Any and ALL marketing creatives, including but not limited to SMS, Push Notifications, Email, Banners, PPC Ads & FB Ads must be approved by ATS prior to any kind of marketing campaign being started. In other words if you plan on marketing our ATS products without using one of our provided creatives, you absolutely better make sure it gets approved by us first. We are open to allowing you to do Email, Search and Social marketing, but only if we approve of the marketing materials being used. Break this rule and you are done with us. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is the fastest way to get blacklisted with us and forfeiting and commissions owed.


2. We absolutely do not allow and/or will not allow you to use any domains similar to our Trademark domain. Your affiliate/referral links should link directly back to out partner program. No frames, jump links, blind redirects or url masking of any sort.


3. We do allow Email marketing. However, Absolutely no email spamming. We are CANSPAM compliant and you must be as well. We welcome those of you who have spent the time to build large email lists. We understand that you know your email lists better than we do. We do provide email swipes that you can use. If you would like to write your own, that's ok. However, you ABSOLUTELY must submit it for approval prior to doing any email blast to your list.


4. We do allow SMS/Text message marketing, as well as Push Notification Traffic. However, Absolutely no spamming, and you ABSOLUTELY must submit your creative for approval prior to doing any marketing blast.


5. ATS is an international business, therefore we will accept Partners from all over the world. We do have a few limitations with this.

a.) We ALLOW LIMITED Partners from India & Asia. We have had a lot of bad quality traffic and scammers from these regions. If you think we are being unfair to you, you can try to plead your case to us. If you plan on doing this, please make absolutely certain that you are 1000% legit. Be certain that you can prove beyond shadow of any doubt that you are a solid Affiliate Partner and worthy of being an ATS Partner from this region. Then be ready to supply us with referrals and stats that we can verify that you are legit.


b.) For those of you in other countries just a word of warning. If we catch you breaking any of our rules and/or any of the items outlined above. You will immediately be blacklisted and you will forfeit any unpaid commissions. So just to say it one last time DO NOT BREAK ANY OF OUR RULES no matter where you're from.


6. PAYOUTS. ATS offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and ATS offers in its Crypto Starter Pack 1.) A Ledger Nano S, 2.) Hardcopy Training Manual & 3.) 250 ALT coins deposited directly to our members Binance Accounts. Due to this, ATS Payouts work like this. ALL Partner payouts are Net 45 Days from initial sale to allow time to process any and all returns or chargebacks. This ensures that your referred sales are processed accordingly and that we do not withhold any future Partner Commissions due to Charge Backs, and/or Returns.




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